"Co-operative governance: A critical approach", call for papers until March 1, 2014

A special joint issue of the International Journal of Co-operative Management and the Journal of Co-operative Accounting and Reporting.  Deadline: March 1, 2014. The theme will be “Co-operative governance: A critical approach”.

How does the size of the stake in a co-operative relate to participation and member engagement? Is accountability and transparency more likely to emerge in particular types of co-operatives? Some financial and consumer co-operatives ensure worker participation in decision-making – does deliberate worker engagement make a difference for co-operative governance? Finally, to what extent is democratic governance important to members and important for co-operative success? What is its impact on risk?

We welcome a critical approach that will question the essence of co-operative type of business and the evolving practices that may jeopardize the co-operative identity, but we also welcome best practice solutions to some of the potential problems and risks faced by co-operatives under the pressure of market competition, or oligarchy.

Both theoretical and applied research papers, as well as practical executive reports will be considered. All submitted articles will be subject to peer review process.