Business social responsability and the third sector, Bali, 24-26 novembre 2011, Call for papers until 14 march

Seventh ISTR Asia Pacific Regional Conference Bali 24-26 November 2011. The proposal must be sent by 14 march 2011. Global Business focus on the ‘value chain’ imperatives of maximising value minimising cost, have failed to link people and their needs, creating ever more poverty, social exclusion, and ethnic conflicts. Globalisation has benefitted those people and groups close to political and economic power at the cost of those in the periphery. Third sector organisations (e.g. NGOs, people’s organisations, foundations, religious organisations and co-operatives) are forced to fill in the ‘gap’ through their social entrepreneurship. It is time to take a stock of business social responsibility, its achievements and failures, and to explore issues of social entrepreneurship and other social justice promoting activities of the third sector.

THE MAJOR THEMES OF THE CONFERENCE THUS INCLUDE: Business social responsibility and the third sector Social entrepreneurship, social justice, and the third sector Third sector in the development of social entrepreneurship Social justice, responsibility and change and the third sector Governance, management, service delivery, advocacy & constituencies

OTHER CONFERENCE THEMES (Indicative, not exhaustive)

  •  Philanthropy and social justice
  •  Volunteering
  •  Gender empowerment and the third sector
  •  Globalization, privatization, and the third sector
  •  MDGs, poverty and the third sector
  •  Global civil society
  •  Impact, evaluation and accountability

Comparative studies are encouraged, as appropriate.

The Conference Program is likely to include working group meetings on

A. The challenges of forming and maintaining third sector networks

B. The skills and issues in undertaking comparative third sector research.

There will also be sessions showcasing the ISTR and its activities, and other national and regional research associations, their activities and accomplishments.

Display of posters of, visits of the delegates to, and talks about local third sector organisations will be in the agenda.