Is there an alternative? Management after critique - Leicester - 8-10 juillet 2015

Is there an alternative? Management after critique

University of Leicester

8-10 July 2015

The 9th International Conference in Critical Management Studies

Keynote speakers:

    Vandana Shiva - 'Earth Democracy'

    David Erdal

    Oliver James

This conference aims to engage thinking that explores alternatives to the ubiquity of neoliberal market managerialism, as well as rejecting the idea that there are none. Such alternatives could be understood in practical terms of specific organisational forms and practices, or theoretical developments (particularly in feminism, anarchism, communism, green thinking and so on) that may inspire a generation of new forms of localism or alter-globalisation as resistance to neoliberalism.

They may reflect personal alternatives, relating to the choices people make in terms of how to live their lives in the context of a neoliberal globalised world. Even more generally alternatives might focus on the critique of economic, political, managerial and organisational dogma, as it becomes embedded as the supposed ‘one best way’ of doing things.

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