Organizing alternatives to capitalism - Special Issue of M@n@gement - Call for Papers - 30-10-2015

Alternative organizational models have spread over the world in recent years. Some of these organizational models carry new labels, such as social entrepreneurship (Dacin, Dacin and Tracey, 2010), inclusive innovation (George, McGahan and Prabhu, 2012), inclusive business (Halme, Lindeman, and Linna 2012), pirate organizations (Durand & Vergne, 2012), social business (Yunus, Moingean and Lehmann, 2010) and hybrid organizations (Battilana and Dorado, 2010). Others, such as cooperatives (Charterina J., Albizu, and Landeta, 2007), carry a strong heritage of more than a century of experience. In common, they seek to balance social mission with economic performance and strive to find new ways of organizing and influencing social and economic development.

Even though empirical experiences multiply on the ground, little systematic research has been conducted to understand which theories and which mechanisms may help to describe, analyze and explain how these alternative organizational models initially organize and may eventually contribute to the diffusion and development of such models across different contexts. This call for papers aims at addressing these important gaps in organizational studies and welcomes the exploration of any of the following topics, as well as other relevant topics.

Deadline: Papers must be received by October 30th, 2015

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