Conférence globale + AG de l'ACI - Turkey, 10-13/11/2015

"Towards 2020, what will your co-operative look like?"

The International Co-operative Alliance's 2015 Global Conference will focus on key trends in politics, economic governance, trade and technology. The Conference will provide insights in the drivers behind those trends, and make the connection with the strategies of the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade.

The 2015 Conference will allow co-operatives and their apexes to develop effective business and policy strategies. Distinguished speakers from different backgrounds, inside and outside the co-operative movement, will engage in panel discussions. They will debate the role of co-operatives in addressing the major global challenges towards 2020.

Four plenary sessions will be held. They will discuss crosscutting issues, including Co-operative Identity, and four breakout sessions, each relating to one the pillars of the Blueprint: Sustainability, Participation, Legal Frameworks and Capital. The Alliance's 2015 Global Conference will be an opportunity to take stock of the achievements so far, and of the important challenges ahead in delivering the goals set out in the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade.

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