5th International Symposium on Cross Sector Social Interaction - Toronto (Canada) - 18-19 avril 2016

The biennial symposium series on Cross Sector Social Interactions (CSSI) brings together scholars and practitioners interested in the intersection of business, government and civil society to share insights from research, teaching and practice.

The 5 th International Symposium on Cross - Sector Social Interactions will take stock of advances in CSSI since the previous symposium in 2014 , and will engage in professional development workshops, expert panels, paper presentations, and keynote talks to develop new knowledge, concepts, tools and methods. The theme of the 2016 symposium, and the subsequent special symposium issue in the Journal of Business Ethics, will be on cross - sector partnerships for systemic change. Participants will therefore be able to explore the potential and limits of cross - sector collaboration for forging deep - level change in social, economic and environmental systems. They will also have multiple opportunities to get expert feedback on their work - in - progress, to get inspiration for new projects and practices, and to network with fellow scholars and practitioners from across different sectors and disciplines. The event is being organized over four days. April 17th is the doctoral workshop, April 18th the professional development workshops, April 19th the paper sessions, and April 20th an optional field trip. Throughout there will also be keynote speakers, panel discussions, an award ceremony and networking opportunities.

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