5th CIRIEC International Research Conference on Social Economy-Lisbon-15/18/07/2015

CIRIEC - Portugal and CIRIEC - International have the pleasure to invite you to the 5th CIRIEC International Research Conference on Social Economy that will take place next July the 15th to 18th 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal.

CIRIEC International (the International Centre of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy) is an international, non-governmental scientific organization which brings together enterprises and entities of the social economy (cooperatives, mutual societies, foundations and cultural and philanthropic associations) and of the public sector, as well as people interested in these fields. The aims of this organization, which was founded in 1947, include promoting international exchanges between the different types of enterprise that are focused on serving the collective or general interest and between business people and the scientific world. Its Scientific Commission “Social Economy” integrates experts in this research field from around twenty countries all over the world and develops research working groups, public funded research projects, seminaries and, since 2007, biennale International research conferences: Victoria (Canada), Ostersund (Sweden), Valladolid (Spain) and Antwerp (Belgium).

CIRIEC-Portugal, founded in 1988, is a non-profit scientific association that researches the field of public and social economics. It is based at Lisbon and brings together social economy researchers from Portuguese universities as well as some of the main social economy sector organizations in Portugal.

The general theme for this 5th Research Conference is "Social economy in a globalized world". A wide range of topics addressed by social scientists interested in Social Economy will be debated in more than twenty specialized workshops. There will also be specialized workshops addressed to young researchers doing theirs PhD and on scientific journals, their current situation and challenges.

This International Conference will take together more that 400 researchers coming from all continents, as is has been being habitual in these Ciriec events.

We trust that this interesting subject and the opportunity to take part in an international debate will encourage you to join us, next July, in Lisbon.

Alain Arnaud, Bernard Thiry, Jorge de Sá, Manuel Belo Moreira, Rafael Chaves

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