4th International Degrowth Conference, Leipzig Sept 2-6 2014

The International Degrowth Conference has reached its fourth venue: since Paris 2008 the debate on how to move away from a growth-oriented economy towards a more sustainable society has drawn world-wide attention. The fourth international conference will take place in a country that is considered as the European engine of economic growth. Different traditions of growth critique, such as the concept of a post-growth society stemming from the German-speaking community and the French and Southern European degrowth debate, are invited to a fruitful dialogue. The conference seeks to bring practitioners, activists and scientists together and encompasses various formats for presentations, interaction, workshops, and exchange.

The 4th conference will address following thematic threads (abstracts for short papers can be submitted to any of them):


  • Organizing Society (Emancipatory politics, participation, institutions)
  • Building a social and ecological economy ((Re-)productivity, commons, society-nature relations)
  • Living conviviality (Buen vivir. Open knowledge. Convivial technology)


Submissions for short papers will be accepted until March 14th!

Submission requirements: A long abstract of 600 to 1200 words and a summary of 150 words

Find all information concerning the submission process here: http://leipzig.degrowth.org/en/submission-of-papers/

The Call for Papers is here: http://leipzig.degrowth.org/en/call-for-papers/